Jonathan Richman - Rockin' and Romance
Mini of Project

Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers
Rockin' and Romance
Twin/Tone Records
TTR 8558 (1985)

(custom burned CD available)

MP3 Sample
The Beach
My Jeans
Down In Bermuda
The U.F.O. Man
I Must Be King
Vincent Van Gogh
Walter Johnson
I'm Just Beginning To Live
The Fenway
Chewing Gum Wrapper
The Baltimores
Up In The Sky Sometime
Now Is Better Than Before

MP3 samples are half of the full track (128 bit rate)... if you have broadband access the sample should stream (depending on the player you are using)

produced by: Andy Paley

Jonathan Richman - guitars and vocals
Michael Guardabascio - drums
Andy Paley - toy piano

Additional Vocalists:
1st female - Ellie Marshall
other females - Debbie Edwards, Jeanette Sartain
male - Michael Guardabascio, Andy Paley, Ned Claflin, Scot Woodland, Tom Nelson

Released by Twin/Tone Records - July 8, 1985. The vinyl version sold 15,613 albums, we sold 3,747 Cassettes. Both formats are "out of print."

The 1985 Production Master cut by Howie Weinberg at Masterdisk was transfered to digital in March of 2003. You can purchase a copy of this transfer burned to a custom CD for $15.00 from Twin/Tone Digital.

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