Big Hits of Mid-America Volume IV
Mini of Project

Big Hits Of Mid-America
Volume Four

Various Artists
Twin/Tone Records
TTR 8681 (1986)

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MP3 Sample
Nothing Turns Out Right (The Mofos)
When I'm Not (The Magnolias)
Further to Go (PS)
Loud Loud Loud Loud Guitars (Bob Dunlap)
Lazy Catfish Dance (Otto's Chemical Lounge)
Rubber Room (Halo of Flies)
Driving the Dynamite Truck (Breaking Circus)
Maraca Club (Whole Lotta Loves)
Hank Slumped (David Postlethwaite)
Kisses (TWA Corbies)
Closing Time (Good Joe)
Jesus in the Driver's Seat (Jayhawks)

MP3 samples are half of the full track (128 bit rate)... if you have broadband access the sample should stream (depending on the player you are using)

The Mofos

Caleb - bass, backing vocals
Tommy Rey - drums, backing vocals
Ernest Batson - guitar, backing vocals
Bill Batson - vocals

The Magnolias

John Freeman - rhythm guitar, vocals
John Joyce - bass
Tom lischman - lead guitar
Ron Anderson - drums


Brad Harvey - guitar, vocals
Mike Long - guitar, vocals
Buzzy Hanson - Drums

Bob Dunlap & Symphonic Fuzz

Bob dunlap - guitar, vocals
Rusty Jones - bass
Jim Tollesrud - drums
Buzz Barker - backing vocals

Otto's Chemical Lounge

Paul Osby - guitar, vocals
John Anglim - drums
Al Schroeter - bass
Dale Nelson - fingersnaps

Halo of Flies

Tom Hazelmyer - guitar, bass, vocals
John Anglim - drums

Breaking Circus

Steve Bjorklund - vocals, guitar
Brian Paulson - guitar
Pete Conway - bass
Tony Pucci - drums

Whole Lotta Loves

Mark Engebretson - vocals
Roger Seeling - bass
Scott Browning - rhythm guitar
Bruce Browning - drums

David Postlethwaite

David postlethwaite - guitar, vocals
Tommy Stinson - bass
Chris Mars - drums

TWA Corbies

Lianne Smith - acoustic guitar
Jim Tollefsrud
Dan Gardner - electric guitar
Rusty Jones - bass

Good Joe

Mike Lasley - guitar, vocals
Jim Boquist - bass, backing vocals
Mark Boquist - drums


Mark Olson
Gary Louris
Norman B. Rogers - drums
Marc Perlman - bass

Released by Twin/Tone Records September 25, 1986. This album sold 1,328 copies. The project is "out of print."

The original Masters were transferred to digital in March 2003. You can purchase a copy of the re-mastered transfer burned to a custom CD for $15.00 from Twin/Tone Digital.

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