Babes in Toyland - To Mother
Mini of Project

Babes in Toyland
To Mother
Twin/Tone Records
TRG 89208 (1991)

(CD in stores and available on-line)

MP3 Sample
Mad Pilot
Laugh My Head Off
Spit to See the Shine
The Quiet Room

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Engineered and Produced by John Loder
Recorded at Southern Studios, London

Kat Bjelland - Guitar, vocals
Michelle Leon - Bass
Lori Babero - Drums

Released by Twin/Tone Records August 23, 1991. The mini-album sold 1,260 vinyl copies, 1,792 cassettes and 4,336 CDs prior to the band being signed to Warner Brothers. It is "out of print" in the vinyl and cassette formats. Twin/Tone continues to press the CD and sells it through Restless/Ryko.

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