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40th year !!!

(1978 - 2018)

planned public events in December...

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Latest project...

The Suicide Commandos

The Suicide Commandos

"Time Bomb"
released: May 5th, 2017

downloads and streaming available via iTunes and other services
(a few of the 1,000 hand numbered vinyl copies are left for mail order)

The Suicide Commandos - Twin/Tone page

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Quick label overview...

The first project to be released on the Twin/Tone label was a nine song 7" EP (on red vinyl) by The Suburbs in April of 1978. Before 2017, the last project to be released on the Twin/Tone label was a live Suburbs CD released in November of 1994. Between 1977 and 1994, Twin/Tone Records released over 300 records. During those years we worked with over 100 bands and 11 indie labels. We helped over 25 of the bands go on to major labels.

We have licensed some of our bigger projects (The Replacements, Soul Asylum, Ween, The Jayhawks...) to Restless Records which is owned by Ryko/ Warner Brothers. Many of our titles are available via the iTunes store or as custom burned CDs. .

At this site, browse around and visit some of the musical history made by us over the past almost 40 years. Most of this site is being added to (under construction), the materials needed to place on the pages are in many cases long gone and it takes time to track them down.

if you're interested...

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Twin/Tone - YouTube playlists

Live at the 7th Street Entry -1981

The Suburbs

various videos

Marathon 80 (1979)

Note: Additional videos for "live at the 7th Street Entry" and "Marathon 80" will be added all summer as they are edited and blessed by the groups.

To bands and artists: With many projects having been "out of print" for more than 20 years, we have lost contact with many of you... With us now selling custom CD's of your out of print titles, we may owe you royalties... if you haven't been contacted by us in the last year, please check in so we can update our contact information... e-mail Paul

email Peter: peter@twintonerecords.com
email Paul: paul@twintonerecords.com

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