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All videos on this page are MPEG-4 (AAC) - QuickTime (you need the Apple QuickTime 6.0 to view them.) There are three versions of each file... the first is for modems and slow connections, or for you to check out before committing to the longer downloading times for the better quality ones. Clicking on a file will start a stream in the background, with the clip showing after it is complete.. otherwsie to download a file...

WINDOWS: right click and use "save target as."

MAC: hold down the button until a menu comes up and choose "download link to disc."

Ghosts of American Astronauts (3:53)
Low - 1.3M - - Medium - 8.9M - - High - 22.4M

Hole In The Ground (4.02)
Low - 1.3M - - Medium - 9.2M - - High - 23.2M

Memphis Egypt (3:38)
Low - 1.3M - - Medium - 8.9M - - High - 22.4M

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