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updated: May 2004

We have pioneered in working with new digital delivery solutions since 1998. We have experimented with the Liquid Audio and the Microsoft Windows Media solutions. Both systems work fine, but offer, as of this date, an unacceptable user experience. We have not offered our catalog via unprotected MP3 files. Any system of the future must protect rights (and royalties) that are owed to the artists and the owners.

We are continuing to transfer all our master tapes to high quality digital format. When a viable solution for selling digital files over the Internet is available, we will offer the catalog via digital downloads. We are looking at Apple's I-Tunes and although not the greatest answer, it offers the best available so far... we may start placing some of your titles in their system later this year. Meanwhile... we are offering many titles as "custom burned" CD's. We have a local studio burn CD's as they are ordered. We hope to have most of the conversion work done by mid-summer 2003, until then check the individual pages for each project to see if we are offering custom burns for that project. These CD-Rs are full quality audio and no not contain a booklet or tray card. We want to use the web to offer these "additional" items. (There will be no physical booklets etc. with digital downloads in the future... artwork may stream with the files or be contained in the files, but no paper... we are trying to bridge this gap.)

We are using a "PayPal" shopping cart, as we update all the project pages these links are being added. The easiest way to order is using this system. If you don't have an account, one will be created when you check out. We offer a thirty day guarantee on custom burned CDs (the PayPal system allows us to credit back to your account for a period of up to 30 days in the event you are unhappy about your purchase.)

Please note: We are experimenting with many forms of digital transfers. Sometimes we use the production master used to create the vinyl and cassette master. In some cases we use the actual master tapes. Twin/Tone Digital also has the ability to capture very good transfers from vinyl and reference acetates. We find that the reference acetates actually give us better sounding digital masters as compared with the tape versions on some of the older tapes which are starting loose high end (or in some cases, actually falling apart.) A description of the transfer is made with the offer for a custom burned CD on the web pages for these projects.

At the present time the custom burned CD's cost $15.00 each plus a $5.00 fee for postage and handling (per order, not per disc.) We pay an "all in royalty rate" of $5.00 per disc to the group once a year, if you are one of our Artists that hasn't been contacted by us lately, please contact Paul and let him know your whereabouts.

If you wish not to use paypal and pay by check or cash, please check availbility and price by e-mailing Paul.

e-mail Paul at paul@twintone.com

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