Commandos- Time Bomb

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The Suicide Commandos
Time Bomb
Twin/Tone Records
TTR 89403 (2017)

Album release: May 5th, 2017

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1. Hallelujah Boys
2. Milk of Human Kindness
3. Boogie's Coldest Acre
4. Try Again
5. Frogtown
6. Pool Palace Cigar
7. When I Do It, It's O.K.
8. If I Can't Make You Love Me
9. Ghost Burrito
10. For Such A Mean Time
11. Cocktail Shaker
12. The Wrong Time
13. Late Lost Stolen Mangled Misdirected

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Produced by The Suicide Commandos

Dave Ahl - Drums, Vocals
Steve Almaas - Bass, Vocals
Chris Osgood - Guitar, Vocals

Recorded by Kevin Bowe at Master Mix, Minneapolis, MN
Additional recording at Kill Room, Minneapolis, MN
Airstream Sovereign 31’, West Saugerties, NY
Jay Peck at Stepping Stone Foley, Chester, NY
Mixed by Mitch Easter at Fidelitorium Recordings, Kernersville, NC
Mastered by Bruce Templeton at Microphonic Mastering, Minneapolis, MN

The influential Minneapolis trio The Suicide Commandos return with their first new studio album since the 1978 Blank/Mercury debut, Make A Record. Time Bomb has many of the hallmarks of the band's original oeuvre, their fast, punky, brainy, fun and often funny rock n' roll sound - The Ramones meet Eddie Cochran meets ZZ Top - but adds a catchy, pop-ish slant and a modern production flare that brings a freshness to the entire proceedings.

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