The Suburbs - videos

The Suburbs - Videos

Salute to Bruce Allen
shown at the First Avenue - February 13th, 2010

Twin/Tone videos

"Cows" from "In Combo" (1980)

"Tape Your Wife To The Ceiling" from "Credit in Heaven" (1981)

"Music For Boys" from "Credit In Heaven" (1981)

"Waiting" from "Dream Hog" (1982)

"Love Is The Law" from "Love Is The Law" (1982)

M-80 (1979)

Recorded live in the Field House at the University of Minnesota - September 23, 1979

The band had just released their first single and were working at Blackberry Way on their first album. Marathon 80 was a two day festival with 20 bands sponsored by the Walker Art Center and organized by Tim Carr. The Suburbs were the fourth band on the second day. This clip features 4 songs of their 12 song set.

Underwater Lovers - World War III - Eyesight - Chemistry Set

The Longhorn Bar (1980)

Recorded live at the Longhorn Bar in Minneapolis - July 12, 1980

  • Kiss Me Naked (2:22)
  • Spring Came (3:19)
  • Beat Me (1:56)

Peppermint Lounge (1981)

Recorded live at the Peppermint Lounge, NY - February 28, 1981

Mid-way on a east coast tour, this was their second appearance at the Peppermint Lounge. They had started recording "Credit In Heaven" for a fall release.

  • Cigarette in Backwards (5:59)
  • Ghoul of Goodwill (5:03)
  • Mommy (2:55)
  • Kiss Me Naked (2:34)
  • Dish It Up (2:32)

Caboose (1981)

Recorded live at the Caboose in Minneapolis - September 26, 1981

The band had just returned from a five week tour supporting the new release "Credit in Heaven" and this was the release party and their first gig back back home. The band played two sold out nights, we recorded both nights with the 24 track mobile unit for a live album (never released at the time, available as a "custom burned CD" soon). Twin/Tone video taped the second night.

  • Pistols (3:50)
  • Baby Heart Beat (2:37)
  • Drinking (5:15)
  • Girlfriend (4:26)
  • Tape My Wife To The Ceiling (1:54)
  • Chemistry Set (2:54)

The Rock Palace (1984)

Recorded live in Hollywood, CA in the spring of 1984

These two songs were recorded for the syndicated show "The Rock Palace" during the band's West Coast tour supporting "Love is the Law." The band was featured along with the Bus Boys and Black Sabbath.

  • Love Is the Law (4:52)
  • Rattle My Bones (3:29)

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